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MeisterSinger - The Single-hand Watch
MeisterSinger - The Single-hand Watch

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Swiss Made

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The founder Manfred Brassler – how it all began

Today, the MeisterSinger brand is widely known for its clearly and functionally designed single-hand watches. But why make single-hand watches?

My vision was to create a watch brand that goes back to the very beginnings of watchmaking. Watches that reflect not only the precision, but also the aesthetics and fascinating charisma of early measuring instruments: timepieces of unparalleled clarity and simplicity. Furthermore, they should be made with only one single hand – just like all watches and clocks right up to the 18th century – concentrating on the essentials in the design – a relaxed approach to displaying the time.

Founder and designer
Manfred Brassler

Der Zeiger weist an seiner Spitze am Zifferblattrand auf die Fünf-Minuten-Striche

Telling the time in a simple, intuitive, relaxed manner

In recent years, our perception of time has undergone a fundamental change. The digital revolution is accelerating our lifestyles and everything around us. We think it’s time to return our origins. Back to a world in which time still belonged to us – and not the other way around.

MeisterSinger single-hand watches are designed to help us experience time in a more relaxed manner and find the composure and strength within us that is often lacking on the outside.

Once understood, telling the time with a single-hand watch is child’s play, even intuitive. The delicate tip of the hour hand at the edge of the dial points to that subtle moment in time. Each of the 144 lines represents a period of five minutes.

It’s not the minutes and seconds that count, but the moment itself

Studying the phenomenon of time is both highly complex and then again quite simple.

For MeisterSinger, it’s not the seconds or the minutes that count, but the precious moment itself. In our thoughts, we often dwell on the future or the past – and sometimes completely alienate ourselves from the present moment – and thus most likely from the true source of happiness and satisfaction. A single-hand watch points literally to one unique moment in time. It is a symbol of the moment and being at peace with oneself

Single-hand watches – a concept with tradition and history

Telling the time like in bygone days

Up to the 18th century, church towers, townhouses, table clocks, wall clocks, and the first portable timepieces were all fitted with just one hand.

It was only modern times and the advent of industrialization that made it necessary to think in terms of increasingly short time periods. Clocks were gradually fitted with minute and second hands, making people aware of the constant passing of precious time.

MeisterSinger literally goes back to the beginnings of the art of watchmaking and now illustrates how relaxing it can be to read and experience time in an original way.

A design reflecting ultimate simplicity

The MeisterSinger design focuses on the essentials – not just with regard to the hand. With its clear, functional design language, reminiscent of the aesthetics of early measuring instruments, MeisterSinger has made itself an international reputation.

  • The tapered needle hand
  • The hierarchically designed scale of 144 five-minute lines
  • The double-digit hour numerals with preceding zeros for the single-digit numerals
  • The classic case body
  • One-sided domed front glass, through which the dial is visually pulled under the glass.
  • The fermata as a distinctive hallmark on the dial and on the winder crown.

These individual details convey an amazing visual experience when taken together. And the observer senses that if even just one of these details were missing, the concept would not have quite the same impact. Three dozen awards for design excellence underline the outstanding quality of these timeless products.

Einzeigeruhr MeisterSinger N°01 Sonnenschliff Blau mit Handaufzugswerk Sellita SW210 sowie cognacfarbenem Lederband mit weißer Naht

Technical sophistication

An insight into the art of the MeisterSinger watchmakers

Horological craftsmanship and Swiss quality

Apart from their unique design features, MeisterSinger watches have a fascinating handcrafted character. High-quality materials, exclusive Swiss movements, and watch straps of exquisite quality – every detail is in balance and the various features ideally complement one another.

Company founder Manfred Brassler fulfilled the dream of developing his very own watch calibers. With the design of the movement’s unique bridge and the rotor of the automatic version, Manfred Brassler has successfully merged the technical with the aesthetic ideals of MeisterSinger.

MeisterSinger has once again demonstrated its technical expertise by developing modules such as the extremely large moon phase or the almost forgotten “sonnerie au passage” chiming complication.