Design philosophy

From the very beginning, simplicity, clarity, balance, and consistency were the most important criteria for Manfred Brassler, the founder of the brand and still the designer of MeisterSinger’s unmistakable single-hand watches today. The fact that he succeeded in creating a true icon of chronometry is borne out by his N° 01, which has lost none of its fascination even today, 20 years after it was launched. It is the mother of all MeisterSinger watches, and all its essential design features are still reflected in the series created since that time.  Manfred Brassler has not forgotten one of the first lines written about MeisterSinger in the watch magazine Chronos:

Although the various details of a MeisterSinger may be unspectacular in themselves, they combine to form an amazing visual experience. One senses that if any one of those details were to be removed, the overall impression would no longer be quite the same.

And that applies to all timeless classics.


MeisterSinger’s administrative and design premises are situated in the bicycle-oriented university city of Münster. The watches themselves, however, are manufactured individually in Switzerland in perfect SWISS MADE quality. With their quality and timeless design, MeisterSinger watches are made to last for a very long time. Our watches are powered exclusively by high-quality Swiss movements. Their cases and metal bracelets are made of non-allergenic materials. Our leather and vegan watch straps are manufactured in a controlled, certified manner. We work uncompromisingly to ensure that all these elements are combined and match one another in an ideal way.

That’s how true chronological icons are produced.

Modules developed by MeisterSinger

MeisterSinger is not only one of the most innovative watch brands in terms of design, the brand continues to attract attention with its intriguing technical solutions year after year.

At present, the spotlight is on the large, central moon phase of the Lunascope and Stratoscope models, as well as the almost forgotten “sonnerie au passage” complication of the Bell Hora, in which a gentle chime accompanies the passing of time from one hour to the next. Outstanding artistry in watchmaking.

MeisterSinger calibers

Sophisticated watch technology for those who love the unusual

For company founder and self-taught designer Manfred Brassler, the MSH01, MSH02, and MSA01 movements enabled him to fulfill the dream of developing his very own watch mechanism. The powerful calibers with their twin mainspring barrels and 120 hours of power reserve feature consummate technology and timeless, unmistakable style in every detail. Experts, the press, and consumers alike are unanimous that these are among the most beautiful and accomplished movements of recent years. When it first appeared on the market, the MSH01 hand-wound movement became the first of its kind to ever win the German Design Award.

With the design of the unique bridge – reminiscent of the silhouette of an old German oak tree – as well as the rotor of the automatic version, Manfred Brassler successfully merged the technical with the aesthetic ideals of MeisterSinger.
 These movements, which are hand-made with great attention to detail, are currently fitted in MeisterSinger’s Singularis range of watches. And because the movement was designed with great forethought, aficionados can look forward to experiencing this model with a whole range of complications in the years to come.