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The Single-hand Watch

Like the very first mechanical clocks, MeisterSinger watches display the time with just one single hand, literally summing up the entire experience by pointing to that one precious moment and thus conveying a reassuring sense of time. Superb design and outstanding Swiss watchmaking precision are combined to create watches that won’t go out of style and may well be an inspiration for generations to come.

Four collection lines

Classic Plus
New Vintage

Telling the time like in bygone days

Right up to the 18th century, watches and clocks were all made with just one single hand. With this concept in mind, MeisterSinger has gone right back to the early days of watchmaking and demonstrates today how relaxing it can be to tell the time in the original way.

Telling the time with a single-hand watch

It only needs a little practice to tell the time with a single-hand watch and then it’s child’s play, even intuitive.

The large, prominent hour hand has little in common with conventional short hour hands. The narrow tip of the hand points to the fine five-minute markers on the edge of the dial, making it possible to tell the time to the nearest minute.

Purchasing a MeisterSinger

Retailer search

A MeisterSinger needs to be picked up and truly experienced. Our specialist retail partners will be pleased to provide you with competent, comprehensive advice.

Online shop

You can purchase your MeisterSinger here in the online shop and have it delivered free of charge to the address of your choice.

Outstanding design

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MeisterSinger’s origin, concept, and philosophy

My vision was to create a watch brand that goes back to the very beginnings of watchmaking; timepieces of unparalleled clarity and simplicity".

The Swiss art of watchmaking

MeisterSinger is not only one of the most innovative watch brands in terms of design, the brand continues to attract attention with its intriguing technical solutions year after year.


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